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Memorial Picture Jemo was one in a million. I got Jemo when he was barely two weeks old. He was found abandoned under a bush. I bottle-fed him gave him and gave him a happy home. He became a cherished member of my family. He was one of kind...He was my baby and I am going to miss him so much. R.I.P Jemo.

Mary Ellen H. - Emmaus, PA


Memorial Picture On Jan 9th 2002, Apollo our Bichon Frise was bought for our son soon to be 9 on the 13th of January. For health reasons on Jan 10th 2014 I had to put Apollo asleep :'(. He was an puppy when we first picked him born on Halloween 2001 lots of energy very similiar to our son's energy a perfect match! But we soon learn that this tiny dog meant for our son would become my dog loving me unconditionally being at my side during many different surgeries. Apollo was a great Dog, loved my many had a sweet disposition loved to horse play, loved my son and even my tough serviceman husband had a soft spot for Apollo although he doesnt readily admit. Apollo will be missed a lot his daily presence his warmth body his funny positions following me everywhere!!! But I will walk again with you my friend Apollo but till then i will cherish all your good memories. You have touched my heart and it is cracked now but I know you are no longer suffering & I'm thankful that you are at peace.

Michele J. - Iarwill - IN


Memorial Picture I bought her for my Dad, who was in a coma. I layed this tiny dog on his chest and his arms immediately went up to her and held her in place. I took her everyday to visit him in the long term care facility. He responded to this little dog. One day a Dr was in while he was holding her, and the Dr, asked Dad what his dog's name was. Dad slurred the word Peanut. We all laughed because this name fit her well. Dad loved her, and she loved him. She became sick, with a heart based tumor, and we kept her comfortable, until her cough and fainting spells forced me to make one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. Peanut and I went to McDonalds, and shared a hamburger, visited Dad and Mom at the cemetery, and went for a long ride. Her little head out the window smelling all the smells of this world. I held her in my arms and in seconds she was gone. A part of me went with her. A few days later a call from our vet came and, Peanuts ashes were there. Bob picked them up, and when I saw the beautiful bag, and box, I broke down again. There was a piece of her fur, and a beautiful card. What caring people to handle her with such dignity. The picture of Peanut is taken of her sitting in my Dad's chair, wrapped in an afgan that my Mom was making for me, and did not get done before she passed. You are missed Peanut, but not forgotten, thanks to Paws and Remember.

Shirley S - Marion, IN


Memorial Picture We adopted Rani (pronounced like "Ronnie", and is Sanskrit for "queen") from the Michiana Humane Society in October of 2000. She had health issues much of her life, but it did not keep her from enjoying her hikes in the Indiana Dunes daily, up until the end. She had a wonderful, gentle disposition. If one of our cats wanted to check out what she was eating, she would back up and let the cat go up to her dinner bowl! She helped sustain me when we lost one of our other rescued dogs in a horrible accident. I miss her so much. I want to thank Paws and Remember for their services yesterday (January 10, 2013) in Fort Wayne.

Jim S - Ft Wayne, IN


Memorial Picture

This pic was when he was only 13 years old. Sadly he had passed away November 14 2013 and is 16 years old now. I got him when he was six months old. My step mom couldn't handle him pooping in the house and when the neighbors didn't want to deal with him anymore she was going end up having to take him to the pound. I saved him that day 16 years ago. I still remember what my mom said to him when we went to pick him up. "I want you to know dog that I don't like you but I don't want you to go to the pound either." He gave her a look that said "Oh you may not like me right now but you will come to love me as much as my new owner, your daughter does now." He turned out to be right. My whole family and even my online friends who never met him fell in love with him. He had a few problems. Allergies to weeds, smoke, and dust was the biggest. And we took him to the vets a number of times for any injuries he had gotten. He never played with toys but he enjoyed life. He loved to sunbathe in the backyard. And even though he would get my mom mad by sleeping on her glider out back he really showed how much we loved him. And today he passed doing the one thing he loved. Sunbathing in the backyard. I miss you so much my Guinea. Oh and he was named Guinea because when he was born he looked like a guinea pig.

Alice V - Toledo, OH


Memorial Picture Colson was the runt of his litter and when he was born nobody wanted him except me. I nurtured him up until he had to be put down because he was so sick. Watching his eyes close for the last time hurt so bad because I was there when they first opened. Colson was my baby and always will be. Love and miss you Colson ??

Danielle Pyle - Fort Wayne , IN


Memorial Picture I adopted Sadie and her best friend, Lou, as a senior bonded pair from a shelter in 2017. From the moment they met me, they never had to get used to me. I got kisses and love right away from both of them. It's like they knew I was coming for them. Right after I adopted them we went to the vet and Lou was diagnosed with Grade/Stage II mast cell tumors with fair prognosis. Sadie was diagnosed with severe arthritis. Sadie has always been fiercely protective of Lou, and even more so when he was sick. Lou really didn't bother much with her until she started to really get sick. He started to cuddle her, and sleep really close. Sadie loved walks, to chew on toys and nibble on her blanket. She loved to follow me around, and twirl and prance. She loved to run when she could. She loved car rides, and snuggling all the time. She loved to be covered up with a blanket and had a favourite hedgehog toy that she would take around with her. In the fall and summer she loved to roll in the dead grass (like hay). Lou had her for all 12 years of his life, and I only had her for two....but losing her has been very difficult on both of us. We just aren't sure what to do with ourselves. Sadie made it to her 14th birthday, and I'm so glad that we were able to celebrate another year with her. She was a magnificent girl, my favorite girl.

Kaci Res - Buena Vista, VA


Memorial Picture Frank (the tank) Wozniakowski passed away with the help of his extraordinary medical staff at Smith Animal Clinic on June 7, 2019. Believed to be at least 11 years old, Frank was adopted from the Calumet Area Humane Society in 2010. He spent the last 20 months fighting congestive heart failure and finally succumbed to the disease. A true fighter, Frank had a great quality of life until the end. He was a stubborn pug/beagle mix with an expressive face, pronounced underbite, zest for life, and a curly tail. Frank knew most of his toys by name. He savored baby carrots, cucumbers, cheerios, and chicken nuggets. He enjoyed walks at the fairgrounds, trips to the dog park, and occasional rides with the windows down. In his youth, he would go to work with his person, Lisa, daily. He had a strong attitude and did not like to be looked at or touched by people he did not know. His favorite pastime was watching the world from his window and stalking the pizza delivery guy. A graduate of Landheim Obedience School, Frank knew many commands and chose which ones to follow upon his mood. Frank is survived by his girlfriend, Molly; cousins Maggie, Blue and Peanut. He is predeceased by his best friend, Vida, and many extended family members, including Tracy, Kelly, Gene, Sara, Isabel, Mom, Dad, and Uncle Rick. Finally, his people, Lisa and Neil, will always hold him in their hearts forever and miss him dearly.

Lisa Wozniakowski - Crown Point, IN

Ashton "Pooky Bear"

Memorial Picture He was my emotional support, he was one of the 4 loves of my life. The other 3 are my kids. He loved playing ball and made me smile every single day. Thank you Pooky bear for being the best dog I've ever known. Mama loves you baby boy

Angelique Lubold - Kulpmont, PA


Memorial Picture Emmie was found hiding in a storm drain and brought to the Arlington, VA SPCA where we found her. We visited her every day until we could bring her home. I will never forget how she played in her carrier the ENTIRE way home from the SPCA. Emmie moved from place to place with me, helped me study when I got my graduate degree, purred on my head when I slept, cared for me through the end of a relationship and a new marriage, and gave me unconditional love. She was the kindest cat I've ever met, even with her tortitude....which really only came out at the vet. She smacked the vet when he called her "f-a-t." She always made me laugh and I miss her dearly. I am glad to know that she is not suffering, though. The last few days were really difficult for her. I know she is frolicking with other cats that I have loved. Thank you Paws & Remember for your kindness in returning not just her ashes, but some of her fur (which I wanted), and her paw prints. They mean so very much to me.

Rebecca Cannaday - Staunton, VA

Ole Yeller

Memorial Picture I had to let my precious Ole Yeller leave me June 7, 2019, to go to Rainbow Bridge. He was 18 1/2 years old. I know I had a lot of good years with him but somehow it just wasn't enough. He belonged to a neighbor (we lived in the country), and he came in our direction after my dad's female cat. I fed outside cats so he would stop by to grab a snack. He was such a beauty that I decided to bring him in so he wouldn't get killed on the road. I let him outside occasionally but he always stayed close and came back in. So he became my kitty. I have two other kitties but he was always close by my side. I miss him so much. My heart aches for my precious boy.

Carol Wilcox - Peru, IN


Memorial Picture I got my Rupert boy for Christmas in 2005. He has been such a great dog. He was momma's boy! I could have never asked for a better dog. I will always miss him laying at my feet, he knew he was momma's boy. He was 6 weeks old when we got him, and he loved eating bananas with Daddy. He was a little beggar form when he was taught to sit up. He thought that he was suppose to beg like that all of the time, and so he did every time he wanted something. He loved his T-Bone treats. I will miss him so much,I already do! He was th best doggy and will always be loved and missed forever!

Michelle England - Troy, OH


Memorial Picture Dusty was a Australian cattle dog he was a three laged dog he loved his family he loved jumping on the trampoline he was so happy. We got dusty when I was 2 and now I'm 11 when I was sad I went to him and he made me happy then on October 21 2018 he had a stroke and could not move and we decided to put him down and it was the sadist day ever love you Dusty I kown that you are in a good place love you.

Ronnie Sheetz - Grabill, IN


Memorial Picture Dusty was a kind loving three legged dog that loved his family when you needed someone he was there to comfort you. When you needed a laugh he was the one to give it to you im 11 now but I was 2 when we got this amazing dog. He was there from I remember I loved playing with him. I loved him in my life he was a Australian cattle dog and so cute and so loving but on October 21 2018 he had a stroke and the night before I was talking about one day we have to put him down but that no night when he had the stroke he could barely walk or go to the bathroom and then he could not even move or eat or drink but the next day we decided just to put him down cuz he was suffering and he was my dog in I've had to drop my whole life and it was really heartbreaking losing him I cried for a week I'm and this was my favorite animal to ever be I'll never replace him if he's just the best dog I've ever had love you Dusty and hope you have a nice time up in heaven love you three leged puppy . Love you and you will be missed.

Keagan Sheetz - Grabill ,

Lady Marie Brown

Memorial Picture Lady Was a amazing Dog and She live to be 13 year old She loves Ice Cream and Most of all She love people

Jason Brown - Albion, IN


Memorial Picture Sonic was only 10 weeks old when we first got him and we fell in love with him from the very beginning. Although he faced many difficult health challenges over the years he always stayed a happy little 5 pound boy. From his “talking” to his love for food he was special in every single way. During his 11 years of life we share so many fond memories of this little guy and losing him has been extremely hard. Even though we are devastated by his passing we find a small bit of comfort knowing he’s up in heaven with his best friend Sally whom we lost a couple of years ago. We love you Chub and we pray that you are happy and healthy up there just as you deserve to be????

Bridget Tyzzer - Piqua, OH


Memorial Picture Sheila and I picked Zobo up from the Ne Human Society when he was about 6 mos. old. I remember walking around all the kennels and talking to all the puppies and older dogs to see which one could be a possibility. Zobo was scared to come up and greet us at first but after a little coaching came up and then started to wag his tail. We took him home with us that day and never looked back. We have about 2 acres so he was in heaven, he didn't stop running for about 2 hours. He owned our back yard and us. He had a built in time clock that he lived by. Of course the routine at breakfast and supper but 7:30 on the nose was rawhide time and he would not let you forget it. He would get real close and stare at you and never blink once or move until I got up. He was the most gentle dog I have ever seen even for his very large size and rarely ever barked, He was a very happy dog and my Zobo buddy that we loved deeply for 14 years. Zobo buddy, you are truly missed and we will all hook back up some day as I know you are in Heaven..

Guy & Sheila Walker - Omaha, NE

Alan T Spevak

Memorial Picture Toby was a wonderful big boy and for his size very gentle and loving. To lose a pet and then hope they get the respect in how they are treated after they are gone is rare. The staff at paws and remember take great care and love in handling your pet remains and giving you peace of mind that they really do care. I can not say enough about these wonderful people and their company.

Alan Spevak - Maple Heights, OH


Memorial Picture I rescued Dora from the ASPCA almost 4 years ago. She was a labradoodle and there in an owner surrender. She was the sweetest dog ever. She loved kids and they would lay on her and cuddle and she just gives them kisses. She never minded other dogs, even if they growled and barked at her she never did anything but stand there. Our kittens always snuggled her and she would keep them warm and sleep with them. She loved everything she met. She had anxiety and hated being away from her momma. She had to be near me always and when I left she would sit in the window and watch until I came home. I am glad I could rescue her and give her a good life for the last few years she had left. She was my best friend though and me and the kids miss her dearly. The house is not the same. I miss her dearly and my heart is broken, but she’s in heaven and not suffering anymore.

Sandra Fadel - Fort Wayne , IN

Richard Hook

Memorial Picture Our beloved brindle pit was one of a kind who stole all our hearts no other dog would ever replace him we saved him when he was a young puppy and I knew I needed him so I did what I had to so I asked the guy who had him if I could get him so he said yeah he filled our family with all his love and loyalty putting him down was the worst day of our life and it still hurts and all of the kids and us still cry over him we named him lucky cause he was our lucky charm we love you lucky to the moon and back you will never be forgotten and we will see you someday again and be reunited once again you gave us so many memories baby it won't be the same around here

Richard Hook - Minneapolis, MN


Memorial Picture We adopted Peaches from the SPCA back in 2007 when she was 3 years old. She was an owner surrender and other than her name and birthdate we knew nothing about her. She was the sweetest cat! She greeted everyone who entered our house with a kitty grin and genuinely believed everyone who entered was only there to see her. She came to us as when we were recently married and lived with us as we had 2 kids and raised a family. She loved the kids and they loved her. Sadly old age and kidney disease took her from us. We had never had to put a pet down before and didn't know what to expect. Thank you to your team for your loving care in creating such great tribute items for sweet Peaches. My daughter loved the paw print!

Jamie Sasser - Richmond, VA

Tanya Williams

Memorial Picture Marley was everything to me. I got Marley when she was 6 weeks old. I named her Marley because she was my discount puppy because she was born with a heart murmur. Marley went to the racetrack with us every weekend and loved watching her dad race. Everyone in the bleachers would cheer for her when we would run across the track into winners circle. I miss her so terribly.

Tanya Williams - Middletown, OH


Memorial Picture Scooter came to the family one summer day in June 2005 as a lost pup not even one year old wondering a busy street in Richmond IN. I saw him from the business I worked in and that traffic was not slowing and he was not bothered by the traffic he was approaching to cross the road. In a fit of adrenaline I ran out and grabbed him up to keep him from getting in the road. Since I was still at work I didn't know what to do with him and I didn't want to keep him since only a couple months had past since I had lost my best friend in the world Sargent (chow-Sheppard mix) to tumors. But I didn't want him in any danger either so I tied him up until I got off work and when I did a co-worker brought him in carrying him and asked..."So what do we do with little Scooter here?". I couldn't walk away without knowing he would be safe so I said I would take him home and find him a safe place to live. Fourteen years later I held his head as he took his last breaths at home on his bed. He knew I was there because he wagged his tail minute before passing while he still knew things. Scooter went every where with me, every place I went in the house there he was, watching TV he was laying next to my chair, out in the garage working he would be sprawled out. I miss him so very very much but am grateful he was at home and with me when he went. He went comfortably and at the same time we always went to bed which he had down as a routine. He now lives in Gods home now running with Jewel who moved on in 2017 & Sargent who moved on in 2005.

Jason Hamilton - OMAHA, NE

Boo Boo

Memorial Picture My beloved Boo Boo has passed away early Wednesday morning of April 10, 2019. I miss him dearly already. I had no idea what a best friend was until I rescued him from my local shelter. He passed without being in pain which makes me very relieved. He was such an amazing, loving dog. I hope everyday that he watches over me and stay by my side in spirit. I will miss him so much and love him forever.

Alana Spotts - Pottsville, PA


Memorial Picture Roxie came into my life May of 2001. She fit in the palm of my hand. Although she started out to be my youngest son’s dog , with school sports then college she was my baby. Roxie was very protective, cuddle bug, faithful companion, she was my best friend. She was always there throughout the years, good times, bad times. She gave unconditional love. I miss you something terrible. We have been through so much together now my life has a void in it. I’ll meet you in heaven Sis. Go fetch that ball and run without hurting. I love you forever and ever.

Cathy Lee - Fairmount, IN


Memorial Picture Anubis, or Nubi as we lovingly called him, passed on Sunday March 24, 2019 after a traumatic spinal cord injury. He was a sweet boy who loved to snuggle and give kisses. He enjoyed playing with his fur sister, Lara & is missed by his whole family very much. I’m so glad we were able to keep his ashes so he can forever lay in his favorite spot.

Jennifer Holley - Papillion, NE


Memorial Picture I miss my baby boy so much. Thank you for the the respect, care and compassion for my beautiful boy during the cremation process.

HELEN FERRIS-HALL - Purcellville, VA


Memorial Picture Gauge came to us as a kitten from the SPCA. He was a "Special" boy who loved car rides and potato chips. Every night for 19 years, he slept on "his" side of the bed, on his back with his head on a pillow, and snored like a human. I never dreamt I would miss that sound so much. I've lived with many cats & dogs throughout my life, and had never seen a more tolerant and loving animal. He even allowed regular baths. He was my buddy, and I will miss him terribly. I thank Paws and Remember for returning my boy to me in such a beautiful urn. I'm glad he's home.

Lori Bates - Ashley, PA


Memorial Picture Greg got Emma when she was 8 weeks old. Emma developed parvo and Greg nursed her back to health. The vet, at the time said to put her down. Greg never gave up. Emma lived for 17.5 years. There is too many stories to share. Even though she never liked being the lead dog, she left her feelings known on everything, She was stubborn, loyal and loved everything as she got older. With age she mellowed out. We got a puppy in her last months and she let "her" puppy do things to her no other pet could ever dream about doing. She taught our older beagle how to hike our trails on our land in southern Ohio. She gave the pup her courage. The house is missing their matriarch, their best friend, their consonant pet in their lives, their rock, the protector. We all love you Emma girl. Fly free of pain our girl.

Cindy Johnson - West Salem, OH

Lori Smart

Memorial Picture He was the best companion I ever had. He made me laugh and was so loyal to me. I miss him so much.


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