Pet Grief & Honor Corner


Memorial Picture Jemo was one in a million. I got Jemo when he was barely two weeks old. He was found abandoned under a bush. I bottle-fed him gave him and gave him a happy home. He became a cherished member of my family. He was one of kind...He was my baby and I am going to miss him so much. R.I.P Jemo.

Mary Ellen H. - Emmaus, PA


Memorial Picture On Jan 9th 2002, Apollo our Bichon Frise was bought for our son soon to be 9 on the 13th of January. For health reasons on Jan 10th 2014 I had to put Apollo asleep :'(. He was an puppy when we first picked him born on Halloween 2001 lots of energy very similiar to our son's energy a perfect match! But we soon learn that this tiny dog meant for our son would become my dog loving me unconditionally being at my side during many different surgeries. Apollo was a great Dog, loved my many had a sweet disposition loved to horse play, loved my son and even my tough serviceman husband had a soft spot for Apollo although he doesnt readily admit. Apollo will be missed a lot his daily presence his warmth body his funny positions following me everywhere!!! But I will walk again with you my friend Apollo but till then i will cherish all your good memories. You have touched my heart and it is cracked now but I know you are no longer suffering & I'm thankful that you are at peace.

Michele J. - Iarwill - IN


Memorial Picture I bought her for my Dad, who was in a coma. I layed this tiny dog on his chest and his arms immediately went up to her and held her in place. I took her everyday to visit him in the long term care facility. He responded to this little dog. One day a Dr was in while he was holding her, and the Dr, asked Dad what his dog's name was. Dad slurred the word Peanut. We all laughed because this name fit her well. Dad loved her, and she loved him. She became sick, with a heart based tumor, and we kept her comfortable, until her cough and fainting spells forced me to make one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. Peanut and I went to McDonalds, and shared a hamburger, visited Dad and Mom at the cemetery, and went for a long ride. Her little head out the window smelling all the smells of this world. I held her in my arms and in seconds she was gone. A part of me went with her. A few days later a call from our vet came and, Peanuts ashes were there. Bob picked them up, and when I saw the beautiful bag, and box, I broke down again. There was a piece of her fur, and a beautiful card. What caring people to handle her with such dignity. The picture of Peanut is taken of her sitting in my Dad's chair, wrapped in an afgan that my Mom was making for me, and did not get done before she passed. You are missed Peanut, but not forgotten, thanks to Paws and Remember.

Shirley S - Marion, IN


Memorial Picture We adopted Rani (pronounced like "Ronnie", and is Sanskrit for "queen") from the Michiana Humane Society in October of 2000. She had health issues much of her life, but it did not keep her from enjoying her hikes in the Indiana Dunes daily, up until the end. She had a wonderful, gentle disposition. If one of our cats wanted to check out what she was eating, she would back up and let the cat go up to her dinner bowl! She helped sustain me when we lost one of our other rescued dogs in a horrible accident. I miss her so much. I want to thank Paws and Remember for their services yesterday (January 10, 2013) in Fort Wayne.

Jim S - Ft Wayne, IN


Memorial Picture

This pic was when he was only 13 years old. Sadly he had passed away November 14 2013 and is 16 years old now. I got him when he was six months old. My step mom couldn't handle him pooping in the house and when the neighbors didn't want to deal with him anymore she was going end up having to take him to the pound. I saved him that day 16 years ago. I still remember what my mom said to him when we went to pick him up. "I want you to know dog that I don't like you but I don't want you to go to the pound either." He gave her a look that said "Oh you may not like me right now but you will come to love me as much as my new owner, your daughter does now." He turned out to be right. My whole family and even my online friends who never met him fell in love with him. He had a few problems. Allergies to weeds, smoke, and dust was the biggest. And we took him to the vets a number of times for any injuries he had gotten. He never played with toys but he enjoyed life. He loved to sunbathe in the backyard. And even though he would get my mom mad by sleeping on her glider out back he really showed how much we loved him. And today he passed doing the one thing he loved. Sunbathing in the backyard. I miss you so much my Guinea. Oh and he was named Guinea because when he was born he looked like a guinea pig.

Alice V - Toledo, OH


Memorial Picture I found Starr the day she was born in a barn at my childhood home. I was still in high school and she has been with me for 15 years, ebbing the loneliness of new places and being my companion my entire adult life. She sat on my chest anytime I was sitting and slept next to my head every night. She taught me responsibility but also love to such an extend there was never a question I would do anything to make sure her life was as happy and healthy as possible. She has made my life brighter and full of affection for which I could never be grateful enough. Yesterday I said goodbye to my best friend and the absence in my home is immeasurable.

Taryn Smith - Urbana, IL


Memorial Picture Sheba Rose Shepherd was born December 15, 2006 in Burke, VA. After being selected by her new doggie mama for being the “chillest pup in the pack”, she traveled to Charlottesville, VA where she lived for many years in the Woolen Mills Neighborhood, spending her days walking the Rivanna Greenbelt and dogging-it-up during happy hour at Darden Towe and Chris Green Lake. Although she never loved the ride, sand, or salt, she traveled often to the Outer Banks when her mama made her, making many friends on the dog-friendly beaches, including her favorite, Tucker. One year she reluctantly agreed to travel to St. Petersburg, FL when her cousin, Anna (who chose her middle name), was born. She quickly realized that beaches are not a Black Lab’s best friend even along the Gulf of Mexico. In 2012, she moved to Asheville, NC where she was often found hiking in the Pisgah National Forest and swimming in Lake Powhatan. West Asheville’s Nebraska Street kids voted her as “most loved dog”, even though she couldn’t resist licking their toes. Her “home away from home” was in Natural Bridge Station, VA, where she spent many afternoons resting at the top of the hill overlooking Stoner Hollow Road. In 2016, she retired to Lexington, VA, spending her days deer chasing, squirrel stalking, and creek wading on the three acres that her mama bought just for her. If she loved you, you knew it. If she didn’t, she walked away and you definitely felt snubbed. 14 years was a nice long ride, Sheba! We will miss you! Sheba Rose Shepherd (December 15, 2006-March 23, 2021)

Katie Shepherd - Lexington, VA


Memorial Picture At 6:35pm on March 27th 2021 my heart broke into a thousand pieces as Jake took his last breath and crossed the rainbow bridge. He passed away peacefully at home surrounded by family and friends. In true Jake fashion, he protected me until the end! He waited until everyone came so I wasn't alone and he knew I'd be ok. I will never be the same and my home with forever feel empty. I can't believe my hero is gone. He fought a great fight and he went on his time, his way! He was the love of my life and my soul dog! Things will never be the same! His time was too short. His heart was too big. His strength.... immeasurable.

Renee Little - Eaton, OH

My Sweet Dog

Memorial Picture One of the most devastating time in my life. My best friend and companion. He was there in good times and bad times. He would always hear my car pull in and be waiting at the door for me. He was always happy to see me (not like the rest of the family) LOL. He will always be in my heart. I would like to give a shout out the the staff at Paws & Remember. They were so kind and quick to respond to my every request. I will Never, every forget their kindness and sympathy. You all are the best!

Kenneth Robert Pescatello - Newington, CT


Memorial Picture My husband and I lost our boy Gunner very suddenly. He became sick one day, they found a tumor in his larynx the next day that wouldn't allow him to breathe correctly. He was always mellow even as a puppy. He loved the kids, outdoors, and swimming. He welcomed and took care of a rescue dog that we added. We will meet him again someday.

Kathy Curtis - Bellevue, NE


Memorial Picture I had been a foster & comfort care person for decades, working with several rescues. I received a call that a pug had come into rescue and could I foster her until the next adoption event. Gladly I agreed. While speaking with my great niece who was with me for the weekend, explaining that we had to go get her out of the shelter, my niece decided that I was to keep her "because she is a pug and we love pugs". So I agreed. This overweight little 5 year old pug was about to become my best friend and she didn't even know it yet. She walked out of the shelter and immediately came straight to me and my great niece. Ming, walked right into my life as if she had always been. I was only fortunate enough to have her for just about 3 and half years when I lost her. She had been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma a few months ago and I did everything I could do with the help of several doctors and surgeons. Once it had spread making her breathing more labored and her quality of life was going downhill fast, I knew that my time had come to say farewell. I held her on my lap at home as my vet helped her over the bridge and whispered how loved she is. I had her for just over 3 years, but we shared a lifetime of memories. She was my side kick through so many events during those 3 years. I miss her every single day.

Heidi Penrod - Lapeer, MI


Memorial Picture This was Chiyo my cat that I named her after a Geisha. She was found in a tree behind the office I work at. My coworker convinced me to take her and I did. She had no problem becoming the alpha cat in our house of already 3 cats. Chiyo became my mom’s daily partner especially after my mom had a stroke, she was a coffee partner, nap time partner and followed us around the house being curious of everything we did. 12 has gone by and Chiyo lost her almost 2year battle with cancer. The loss was unpleasant but we stayed by her side until the very end. The house is quiet & somber but we know she is at the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again.

Michelle Hallowell - Omaha, NE


Memorial Picture In Memory of Gus Our sweet boy who rescued US on October 17, 2010 Wednesday, January 6, 2021 at 4:37 p.m. Gus ended his earthly life at 13 years of age. We know he entered an even better place, as he crossed the Rainbow Bridge, a place with no pain and a big field of Old English Sheepdogs happily playing. Gus especially enjoyed walking at Battleground Park in Greensboro and his Trillium neighborhood in Kernersville. He more than anything else enjoyed meeting people and making them smile and laugh. He loved to ride in the car with the window down and feel the wind in his face. His best friend Oliver preceded him in death and Gus always lit up when his name was mentioned. He never forgot Oliver. He also leaves behind his great play pals Remy and Benny. He had a very special bond with our grandchildren, Evan, and Ethan, who he dearly loved. We are so thankful our daughter Victoria found Gus. He was in Raleigh, being cared for while recovering from heartworms at the age of three. We are so very grateful to Belinda Lamm and Tarheel Old English Sheepdog Rescue Group. We were honored to have adopted Gus and provide his furever home. We were so blessed to have shared-10 years 2 months and 20 days with Gus. Special thanks go to Dr. Mark Whitley and staff at Cobb Animal Clinic in Greensboro for their superior care and love for Gus, they are the best! Lori Hudson of Furry Friends and Company, his awesome groomer who always gave him spa day and made him look so great. Our wonderful neighbors at Trillium neighborhood in Kernersville, who were constantly checking on and praying for Gus. Their thoughts and prayers mean so much to us now. RIP our sweet Gus you will be forever remembered for your sweet disposition and your James Bond (Sean Connery) looks! We miss you Gus, so much, please know you made a difference in this world and your family. “Well done thy good and faithful servant” Gus Until we meet again Sincerely Grateful, Richard & Mary Puryear

Richard Puryear - Winston-Salem, NC


Memorial Picture Link was our best boy. We adopted him as a puppy 12 years ago. In that time he traveled all over with us... moved 4 times, and made friends with anyone he met along the way. He greeted everyone with a howling bark, he would paw at us when he wanted pets, and his expressive eyebrows always told us exactly what he was thinking. He had the most gentle, kind, and pleasing soul. His passing was sudden and unexpected. Our family hurts deeply at his loss, but we can never be thankful enough for the years we had with him as a companion, a travel partner, and a friend. Anyone who knew our family knew Link too... he is missed by many. Run free on the rainbow bridge buddy! I hope you are in a place with lots of snow to lay in, lots of turkey bacon to nom on, and soft pillows to rest your head. We can't quite grasp life without you around, but you will always be present in our memories. We love you, Mr. Linkie.

Lori Hawkins - Omaha, NE


Memorial Picture This is Rigley. He was born October 30, 2007 and he had to be put to sleep on February 25, 2021. This is my first experience with dog cremation. I have always buried my dogs but Rigley was different. I wanted him to be always with me. At 13....its not enough time. I would give everything to hold him one more time. I'd love to just have one more day. He was never separated from me for too long. He was my baby. He was my world. He could make me laugh when he would give out a big burp after he ate......or let out a fart before he pooped and sometimes he would drop one before he got to his spot. Every week he enjoyed getting his bath and blow dry. Id sometimes let him soak for a bit in warm water and he loved that quiet time. My brother would joke and say "that dog gets more baths than I do!" Every night he liked to be washed off and put his lil sleeper on to go to bed. He loved classic country music. I tried to get him to listen to George Strait but he would rather listen to Hank Sr or Dolly. I gave him his very own Alexa and downloaded all the classic country I could find so he could go to sleep to it. He terrorized the groomer.....he was mean at the vet. He had a reputation. In his way....on his terms.....thats how he lived. Dr Reeder took good care of him. Haley the sweet lady who worked at the vet nicknamed him Wiggles. She accepted him like he was and she knew he had a good side. I can't imagine that he's gone. He surprised me by all of a sudden coming down with lung cancer the same day I had to let him go because the prognosis was poor. I loved this lil monkey. Id lay down my life for him. Now he's gone. So I hope Paws and Remember will take good care of him this week and bring him back to me. Id give anything to hold him and pet his face.

Terri Pomphrey - Verona, VA

Cassipoea aka Cassy

Memorial Picture I losted my Sweet cassy on February 21, 2021. It came so quick. She would make me smile just looking at her, so sweet she would give you cavities. We had Cassy for 12 short years. I still can't believe I will never see you again. Simple day to day will never be the same. I could never eat a yogurt without her wanting to share, the way she would meow for me at the bottom of the stairs while I brushed my teeth, rushing me down to feed her, the way she would watch me cook from her spot on the radiator cover that was connected to the counter, the way she waited for me in the front window when I would come home from work and look she would give if I was taking to long to come in. Christmas was her favorite holiday, she loves all those empty totes and laying under the tree. And she love to snuggle. I am so lost without you. I dont know how I am going to go on without you here with me. Awww my sweet snickerdoodle. I am sorry. I LOVE YOU!! (Wish I could share more pictures)

Jessica Lumia - Mahanoy City, PA


Memorial Picture My Peaches Passed Away Thursday February 18, 2021. She Will Be Missed So Much. Peaches Enjoyed Sun Bathing Cuddling and Getting Treats. She had to greet everyone she came into contact with. She Was Loved By Her Fur Friend Milo. Peaches was 14 Yrs Old.

Jena Decker - Champaign , IL


Memorial Picture Ellis Arbaugh-Harrell, a certified therapy dog, died peacefully at home on Tuesday, February 16, 2021. He gave a lifetime of service to the community, to his neighbors, and especially to his two dads. He was born in the summer of 2005. In October of that year, he planted himself firmly on the back porch on Sears Hill for three days until he was gladly welcomed into the house and family. “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses . . ..” He was named after Ellis Island and after the psychologist Albert Ellis. Through months of training, he became a great dog and a great friend. He comforted people in various venues including nursing homes, but his primary therapy job was mental health companionship for Dr. Arbaugh and his clients. Ellis’ other primary job was protecting an historic home and keeping squirrels up the trees. In retirement, Ellis was a greeter for all pedestrians passing by his home. He thoroughly enjoyed the increase in foot traffic during the 2020 pandemic, even while his ability to walk continued to diminish. This is a dog who learned agility training, strict discipline, American Sign Language and a few tricks. He was most known for his skills in loving and comforting all who knew him. He was greatly loved by the two men who were blessed to be his guardian for 15 plus years. He returned that love unconditionally again and again. A special gratitude must be paid to those who gave him care in various aspects of his life. Jane Hanger, Kim Grey and the many others who loved him personally. Appreciation is extended to Dr. Lisa Carter (Staunton), his general practice veterinarian and Dr. Brian Arneson (Harrisonburg), his surgical veterinarian, for their sedulous health care.

Tom Arbaugh - Staunton, VA

Mr Bam Bam

Memorial Picture Long live mr bam bam June 2019-February 2021

Mary Lopez - Omaha , NE

Jack Santon

Memorial Picture So i called him My Big Boy or My Little Man. he was only 4 pounds. i have 3 female dogs ..3 daughters and he was the only male besides my husband. He would lay by me all the time. he would walk around with a squeaky toy in his mouth and follow me around. At one time i had gotten sick were i could not move or do anything and every time I woke up, I seen that he was at the the foot of the bed...he loved me and I loved him so much. I'm going to miss him. He had seizures and on 2 different kinds of medicine but he seemed he was doing fine. on Jan 30th 2020 he fell off the couch and hit his head and his seizures would not stop . just constant seizures so i had to make the hardest decision of my life and that was to let him go. I prayed all night but they wouldn't stop so i asked God to take him if he wasn't meant to stay with me....but if i could see him one last time and let him remember me. He did when i said goodbye i called his name and he opened his eyes and licked my nose and let me know it was okay to let him go. I miss him but i cant wait til the day that God lets me in heaven to be with him . I will see him again . I LOVE YOU JACK

JULIA SANTON - council bluffs, IA


Memorial Picture We got sadie when she was only a few months old. She was a good dog. She was technically my LH dog until his passing 4 yrs ago. And she became truly our dog which I suspect she really was all along. She loved running around the yard and loved my granddaughters Lilah, serenity, and stella. She was very protective of them. She is loved and missed still by the whole family. We feel the void everyday. But Sadie developed a tumor in her head so sadly as a family we made the decision to let her go.

Sara Colon - Cleveland, OH


Memorial Picture Having to say goodbye to my beloved Hershey when he was so young was unexpected. He was not like any other cat I've had. He was loveable, silly, affectionate, playful, attentive, intelligent & one of a kind. He knew the sound of my car & therefore, I'd find him sitting at the door as I entered the house. He would follow me around, talk all the time & want regular cuddle time. He is missed so very much. Paws & Remember provided a beautiful container for Hershey to peacefully rest, until I see him on the other side. Thank you for all of the special touches & care put in to such a difficult time.

Lisa Miller - Coldwater, MI


Memorial Picture This is our family member Miller. He was an angel sent from God, stray found running around dirty and a shock collar on around his neck. He came to us after the sudden loss of our rottweiler Bosco and filled a very big hole in our hearts. We did not ever know how old he was for he was fully grown when he found us but that did not stop him from staying with us for a very long time. He would also help us through deaths in the family and many other problems but would never let us down. He was named after my favorite beer and would do a trick of bringing a Frisbee to me and flipping it over so he may get a sip. We had a lot of great years together and he deserves to be immortalized on the internet and his story told to the world. So Rest In Peace Miller you were family to us and we will never forget you. Love Theresa & Shawn We had Miller from 2001 to 2020 that is remarkable.

Shawn Theresa - , IN


Memorial Picture Katie 09/07/2008 - 11/13/2020 I adopted Katie from Louisa Animal Shelter in October, 2008. She was born Sept. 7, 2008 (according to the shelter techs). She was among other dogs and cats were there for adoption at an event being held at the Townhomes I had lived in at the time. I feel in love with the cutest, fluffiest and tiniest little black bearlike dog! My son and I picked her to take home, but I think she picked us. Katie always loved to travel, she has been to the Outer Banks, NC many times. Her beach walks, with us were always a priceless memory. Vacations will never be the same. Katie has moved 3 times in her lifetime, from a townhome living, to a rental house and then to our home we purchased with her in mind. Now my home and heart are very empty. Katie loved to go outside to her kennel. Rather, I was hanging laundry on the line, she was ready to go out each and every trip I made. She would ride around in each car as I had to move for my Pete to mow the yard. She loved to be vacuumed! Every time I cleaned the house, she would plop down in front of me. She would not move until I sat down and vacuumed her fully. If I stopped, I would get the side eyed look. Katie loved the snow, she would hop like a rabbit in it. She would roll around in the snow and come back in the house with snow crystals for me to pluck off of her long coat. The sweet memories of my Katie Mae (yes, She had a middle name), will forever fill my heart. Losing her will forever be my heartbreak. I never knew what the pain of losing a beloved pet was like until I lost Katie. She was my fur child. Katie I love you, until we meet again... Love, (Your human) Momma xoxo Thank You to Zion's Crossroads Animal Hospital, for the years of care and the end of life compassion you all had shown Katie. The compassion you showed to Myself and my Son. We will be forever grateful. Thank You for Paws and Remember, for your Cremation services and the lovely items we chose for her her ashes. The ink paw prints and the clay prints are absolutely beautiful. The ink prints will be transferred into tattoos. Sincerely, Debbie Sparks & Jonathan Blake 11/29/2020

Deborah (Debbie) Sparks - Gordonsville, VA

James A Miller

Memorial Picture I received Lola when she was about 6 months old. She was a beautiful Welsh terrier and she was a rescue baby. Lola was such a sweet sweet baby, she was my child and she was so full of LOVE. She was so cherished, and so loved that I would have given my life to protect her from any type of harm. In the summer of 2017 I was diagnosed with a leaking aortic valve, my doctor gave me a choice of a pig or stainless steel valve. The pig valve would only last appx 15 yrs and stainless the rest of my life. I chose the pig valve because I only wanted to see Lola through the rest of her life since I had no one else to be responsible for but her. To my extreme unfortunance I lost my sweet baby on 11/10/2020. Now I have nothing to live for and I am so deeply saddened. I lost the most important little love in my life and she will never be forgotten ??. My heart is so broken and I am so lost without her that I don't know where to turn. She had an incredible impact on my life. She had many many endearing names and as I was holding her in her last moments I was telling her I loved her so much and that Daddy would miss her and that I was so sorry that I couldn't take her place because I would have done so with no regret whatsoever. She was my sweet companion. She road with me many miles since I am a professional truck driver. I miss her when opening the door she would be right there waiting or if I was out of the truck she would go from seat to seat looking in the mirrors making sure I was okay. She will always be in my thoughts deep in my heart. I love you my sweet baby and Daddy misses you. I hope there is a sweet place with lots of green grass and beautiful flowers, warm blue skies and lightly white clouds where you are well again and may you rest in sweet peace by a beautiful meadow. I am in deep mourning of your passing my tears will never stop my life is forever changed and my heart is forever ??. You were Daddies best. I wish I could hold you and kiss you on your sweet little nose as I have millions of times and tell you againg how much I love you. My life is so very very empty without you here. ALL MY LOVE MY LITTLE DARLING, DADDY

James Miller - Winterhaven, FL


Memorial Picture BONGO... un perro bellisimo que llego a nosotros desde muy pequeño logramos sacarlo del infierno donde vivía para darle el amor y cariño que el merecía... muy travieso cuando bebe pero gracias a dios fue madurando poco a poco jejeje... así como ven en su foto así son la mayoría de ellas siempre posaba con esa sonrisa y es el recuerdo más lindo que tendremos de el ... era muy dócil pero no podía ver a otro perro porque se volvía loco jejejje así como también no toleraba que maltrataran a mis hijos alli estaba el para defender los hasta de mi misma porque varias veces me halo el cabello para que no me acercara a ninguno de mis hijos jugábamos a que yo hacia el intento de levantar la mano y el enseguida se colocaba su capa de héroe y salia al rescate de ellos y me tiraba a morder a mi o a cualquier persona que intentara agredir a los niños... tenia un inmenso amor con mi hija mayor ASHLEY en este caso era su mamá humana para donde ella iba el se le pegaba atrás e incluso hasta jugaba al escondite con ella ... nos dolió en el alma su partida y siempre pero siempreeeee estará en nuestros corazones ... será difícil de olvidar cada travesura y cada alegría que nos daba .... mi guitooooo así le decía yo te extrañamoo... pero tenemos que estar tranquilo porque sabemos que donde estes, estarás tranquilo y sin dolor alguno te amamos guitoooo ='(

Yohana Lopez - Omaha, NE


Memorial Picture Arnie was an amazing little guy. We got him when he was 4, and he changed our life for the better. He wasn't in the greatest shape when we got him, we nursed him back to health and slowly gained his trust. He was spazzy and goofy, and one of the most loving creatures I've ever met. He was a true blessing, and my best friend. We got him in March 2012, and he passed away October 8th 2020. 8 years was not long enough with my little man. Fly high Buggy boo, I'll meet you at the Rainbow Bridge ??

Lisa Abshire - Wabash, IN


Memorial Picture Vader was about 4 weeks old when we got him. He was in a litter that was being used by a dog fighting ring as bait. He was so tiny! He lived in my pocket for what seemed like forever. We had an unbreakable bond. He had a wild streak and many lives. Everybody loved him. He was my shadow and we adored each other. We lost him to cancer at age 13 and I know our lives will never be the same. So lucky to have been able to have him with us for so long. My beautiful boy, forever in my heart.

Shannon Harrington - Staunton, VA


Memorial Picture Sorry we didn’t have more time my babies! I love you so much!! Sorry you had to go I miss you and will never forget you my love!!!!!!!!!

Dave Lambier - Essex,

Sky Kristeen

Memorial Picture I rescued Sky right before Thanksgiving of 2016. She was 4 then. She was a perfect fit for our not so perfect life. We have been blessed to have her since she came to us. She had a pretty rough life before us. We didn't get many years with her, and I feel her life was cut short because of the "C" word, that we all despise, Cancer????. I couldn't have asked for a better doggie. So protective over us all, especially my children. She was so good and well mannered, well most of the time, unless she smelled Nummies ????. I'm so broken by her passing. I would like to thank you all so very much for the Absolutely beautiful work on her special box and her paw prints. She will now always be with us no matter what. Thank you for the time with you Sky Kristeen and for being such a wonderful companion for us all, fly high momma's and I can't wait to see you again ????????

Angie Merritt - Toledo, OH

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