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Memorial Picture Jemo was one in a million. I got Jemo when he was barely two weeks old. He was found abandoned under a bush. I bottle-fed him gave him and gave him a happy home. He became a cherished member of my family. He was one of kind...He was my baby and I am going to miss him so much. R.I.P Jemo.

Mary Ellen H. - Emmaus, PA


Memorial Picture On Jan 9th 2002, Apollo our Bichon Frise was bought for our son soon to be 9 on the 13th of January. For health reasons on Jan 10th 2014 I had to put Apollo asleep :'(. He was an puppy when we first picked him born on Halloween 2001 lots of energy very similiar to our son's energy a perfect match! But we soon learn that this tiny dog meant for our son would become my dog loving me unconditionally being at my side during many different surgeries. Apollo was a great Dog, loved my many had a sweet disposition loved to horse play, loved my son and even my tough serviceman husband had a soft spot for Apollo although he doesnt readily admit. Apollo will be missed a lot his daily presence his warmth body his funny positions following me everywhere!!! But I will walk again with you my friend Apollo but till then i will cherish all your good memories. You have touched my heart and it is cracked now but I know you are no longer suffering & I'm thankful that you are at peace.

Michele J. - Iarwill - IN


Memorial Picture I bought her for my Dad, who was in a coma. I layed this tiny dog on his chest and his arms immediately went up to her and held her in place. I took her everyday to visit him in the long term care facility. He responded to this little dog. One day a Dr was in while he was holding her, and the Dr, asked Dad what his dog's name was. Dad slurred the word Peanut. We all laughed because this name fit her well. Dad loved her, and she loved him. She became sick, with a heart based tumor, and we kept her comfortable, until her cough and fainting spells forced me to make one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. Peanut and I went to McDonalds, and shared a hamburger, visited Dad and Mom at the cemetery, and went for a long ride. Her little head out the window smelling all the smells of this world. I held her in my arms and in seconds she was gone. A part of me went with her. A few days later a call from our vet came and, Peanuts ashes were there. Bob picked them up, and when I saw the beautiful bag, and box, I broke down again. There was a piece of her fur, and a beautiful card. What caring people to handle her with such dignity. The picture of Peanut is taken of her sitting in my Dad's chair, wrapped in an afgan that my Mom was making for me, and did not get done before she passed. You are missed Peanut, but not forgotten, thanks to Paws and Remember.

Shirley S - Marion, IN


Memorial Picture We adopted Rani (pronounced like "Ronnie", and is Sanskrit for "queen") from the Michiana Humane Society in October of 2000. She had health issues much of her life, but it did not keep her from enjoying her hikes in the Indiana Dunes daily, up until the end. She had a wonderful, gentle disposition. If one of our cats wanted to check out what she was eating, she would back up and let the cat go up to her dinner bowl! She helped sustain me when we lost one of our other rescued dogs in a horrible accident. I miss her so much. I want to thank Paws and Remember for their services yesterday (January 10, 2013) in Fort Wayne.

Jim S - Ft Wayne, IN


Memorial Picture

This pic was when he was only 13 years old. Sadly he had passed away November 14 2013 and is 16 years old now. I got him when he was six months old. My step mom couldn't handle him pooping in the house and when the neighbors didn't want to deal with him anymore she was going end up having to take him to the pound. I saved him that day 16 years ago. I still remember what my mom said to him when we went to pick him up. "I want you to know dog that I don't like you but I don't want you to go to the pound either." He gave her a look that said "Oh you may not like me right now but you will come to love me as much as my new owner, your daughter does now." He turned out to be right. My whole family and even my online friends who never met him fell in love with him. He had a few problems. Allergies to weeds, smoke, and dust was the biggest. And we took him to the vets a number of times for any injuries he had gotten. He never played with toys but he enjoyed life. He loved to sunbathe in the backyard. And even though he would get my mom mad by sleeping on her glider out back he really showed how much we loved him. And today he passed doing the one thing he loved. Sunbathing in the backyard. I miss you so much my Guinea. Oh and he was named Guinea because when he was born he looked like a guinea pig.

Alice V - Toledo, OH

Richard Hook

Memorial Picture Our beloved brindle pit was one of a kind who stole all our hearts no other dog would ever replace him we saved him when he was a young puppy and I knew I needed him so I did what I had to so I asked the guy who had him if I could get him so he said yeah he filled our family with all his love and loyalty putting him down was the worst day of our life and it still hurts and all of the kids and us still cry over him we named him lucky cause he was our lucky charm we love you lucky to the moon and back you will never be forgotten and we will see you someday again and be reunited once again you gave us so many memories baby it won't be the same around here

Richard Hook - Minneapolis, MN


Memorial Picture We adopted Peaches from the SPCA back in 2007 when she was 3 years old. She was an owner surrender and other than her name and birthdate we knew nothing about her. She was the sweetest cat! She greeted everyone who entered our house with a kitty grin and genuinely believed everyone who entered was only there to see her. She came to us as when we were recently married and lived with us as we had 2 kids and raised a family. She loved the kids and they loved her. Sadly old age and kidney disease took her from us. We had never had to put a pet down before and didn't know what to expect. Thank you to your team for your loving care in creating such great tribute items for sweet Peaches. My daughter loved the paw print!

Jamie Sasser - Richmond, VA

Tanya Williams

Memorial Picture Marley was everything to me. I got Marley when she was 6 weeks old. I named her Marley because she was my discount puppy because she was born with a heart murmur. Marley went to the racetrack with us every weekend and loved watching her dad race. Everyone in the bleachers would cheer for her when we would run across the track into winners circle. I miss her so terribly.

Tanya Williams - Middletown, OH


Memorial Picture Scooter came to the family one summer day in June 2005 as a lost pup not even one year old wondering a busy street in Richmond IN. I saw him from the business I worked in and that traffic was not slowing and he was not bothered by the traffic he was approaching to cross the road. In a fit of adrenaline I ran out and grabbed him up to keep him from getting in the road. Since I was still at work I didn't know what to do with him and I didn't want to keep him since only a couple months had past since I had lost my best friend in the world Sargent (chow-Sheppard mix) to tumors. But I didn't want him in any danger either so I tied him up until I got off work and when I did a co-worker brought him in carrying him and asked..."So what do we do with little Scooter here?". I couldn't walk away without knowing he would be safe so I said I would take him home and find him a safe place to live. Fourteen years later I held his head as he took his last breaths at home on his bed. He knew I was there because he wagged his tail minute before passing while he still knew things. Scooter went every where with me, every place I went in the house there he was, watching TV he was laying next to my chair, out in the garage working he would be sprawled out. I miss him so very very much but am grateful he was at home and with me when he went. He went comfortably and at the same time we always went to bed which he had down as a routine. He now lives in Gods home now running with Jewel who moved on in 2017 & Sargent who moved on in 2005.

Jason Hamilton - OMAHA, NE

Boo Boo

Memorial Picture My beloved Boo Boo has passed away early Wednesday morning of April 10, 2019. I miss him dearly already. I had no idea what a best friend was until I rescued him from my local shelter. He passed without being in pain which makes me very relieved. He was such an amazing, loving dog. I hope everyday that he watches over me and stay by my side in spirit. I will miss him so much and love him forever.

Alana Spotts - Pottsville, PA


Memorial Picture Roxie came into my life May of 2001. She fit in the palm of my hand. Although she started out to be my youngest son’s dog , with school sports then college she was my baby. Roxie was very protective, cuddle bug, faithful companion, she was my best friend. She was always there throughout the years, good times, bad times. She gave unconditional love. I miss you something terrible. We have been through so much together now my life has a void in it. I’ll meet you in heaven Sis. Go fetch that ball and run without hurting. I love you forever and ever.

Cathy Lee - Fairmount, IN


Memorial Picture Anubis, or Nubi as we lovingly called him, passed on Sunday March 24, 2019 after a traumatic spinal cord injury. He was a sweet boy who loved to snuggle and give kisses. He enjoyed playing with his fur sister, Lara & is missed by his whole family very much. I’m so glad we were able to keep his ashes so he can forever lay in his favorite spot.

Jennifer Holley - Papillion, NE


Memorial Picture I miss my baby boy so much. Thank you for the the respect, care and compassion for my beautiful boy during the cremation process.

HELEN FERRIS-HALL - Purcellville, VA


Memorial Picture Gauge came to us as a kitten from the SPCA. He was a "Special" boy who loved car rides and potato chips. Every night for 19 years, he slept on "his" side of the bed, on his back with his head on a pillow, and snored like a human. I never dreamt I would miss that sound so much. I've lived with many cats & dogs throughout my life, and had never seen a more tolerant and loving animal. He even allowed regular baths. He was my buddy, and I will miss him terribly. I thank Paws and Remember for returning my boy to me in such a beautiful urn. I'm glad he's home.

Lori Bates - Ashley, PA


Memorial Picture Greg got Emma when she was 8 weeks old. Emma developed parvo and Greg nursed her back to health. The vet, at the time said to put her down. Greg never gave up. Emma lived for 17.5 years. There is too many stories to share. Even though she never liked being the lead dog, she left her feelings known on everything, She was stubborn, loyal and loved everything as she got older. With age she mellowed out. We got a puppy in her last months and she let "her" puppy do things to her no other pet could ever dream about doing. She taught our older beagle how to hike our trails on our land in southern Ohio. She gave the pup her courage. The house is missing their matriarch, their best friend, their consonant pet in their lives, their rock, the protector. We all love you Emma girl. Fly free of pain our girl.

Cindy Johnson - West Salem, OH

Lori Smart

Memorial Picture He was the best companion I ever had. He made me laugh and was so loyal to me. I miss him so much.


Beaver & Sappho

Memorial Picture We adopted these sweet girls as kittens. They moved across the country with us over the years while staying happy and care free. They were both goofy, playful, sweet, and very loving. Our lives were better because of them and we will forever miss them.

Rebecca Cuthbert - Omaha, NE


Memorial Picture Spotsy was a sweet guy. He loved to cuddle. He always layed with me like this. Sometimes I’d have to move him over to get a little room. Loved playing with his “brother” Bandit. But, he got cancer. At the end he couldn’t use his back legs. We don’t know if it settled in his spine. Was so hard to let him go. We miss him so much but he is at peace now that he’s crossed the rainbow bridge ??. We love and miss you Spotsy ????????

Cheryl Selvig - Omaha,


Memorial Picture I found my sweet loyal boy on New Years Eve morning 2000. Someone had soaked him to the skin with water & tossed him under a dumpster at a local farmers market. Over the noise of people talking & vehicles in the parking lot I heard faint mews. Following his weak cries I found him. A tiny black kitten no more than 4.5 wks old. I ran to my mobile grooming van 20 feet away & filled a large drink cup w/hot water. I used it to melt the 2" of ice encasing his tiny body. Once free I took him back to my van to dry him off & warm him up. I rushed him to the nearest emergency vet hospital. They told me if I hadn't found him when I did he would have died within a few minutes. He survived that horrible event. And became my best friend, loyal confidant & fierce protector. Without him by my side I never would have survived the abusive nightmare we found ourselves trapped in for a decade. He's the reason I'm alive today. He helped me find the strength to escape the nightmare. I've been free from that nightmare for 3yrs now. I'm so thankful for the 3yrs I was blessed to be able to spend with Patrick before cancer took him away from me on Sat 16 Feb 2019 @ 1:15pm. Thank you Patrick for all the laughter, joy, awesome snuggle time, comfort & fierce devotion, loyalty & love you gave me for the last 20yrs. You were more than a cat to me. You were & always will be my son. I miss you terribly. Please wait for me on the other side. I'll be there soon my sweet boy.

Sierra Roberts - , DE


Memorial Picture I received the most precious gift anyone could ever ask for back in August of 2003. Harley. She was right at 8 weeks old and I had just turned 14. She was my baby girl. My everything. She had been with me through thick and thin. She would love to chase deer through the woods and be right on their tail, go for car rides, swimming in the river, and loved life. At the end of a long day all she wanted to do was curl up beside you and cuddle. Naturally taking all the room and blankets. But time catches up. Even to the family members with 4 paws. She got to the point with her age that I just couldn't let her keep going. I made the toughest decision of my life on February 9th 2019. I held her in my arms until her body was cold. Although I feel nothing but void and emptiness, I know she is in a better place. I will always love and miss her always.

Brittany Kirschnick-Wiest - Scottsville, VA


Memorial Picture My 12 year old Newfoundland service was to to sleep the 4th of this month. His name was Bear and he was my best friend. Husband brought him for me so I could teach him who to me me ears for I am 3/4 deaf, we both went to classes for the basic training the other stuff we learned on our own. But most of the stuff he learned himself. Bear was raised in a semi truck. We got him when he was just 8 weeks old. We got a lot of looks when he out got of the big truck , even more looks when at a young age he went in with us to eat and stuff like that. People could not belive that him being so young and so very good inside. Will miss and will never be able to replace him.Love you Bear. This picture he was about 3 I think.

PEGGY PERRY - Syracuse, IN


Memorial Picture Me and my roommate's cat puffy became very ill she has cancer and severe kidney disease she has not eaten in a week so she is going to be put to sleep today she is 16 1/2 years old and me and my roommate are devastated

Michael Arieta - Lansford, PA


Memorial Picture Shaggy came into my life over 15 years ago. He was my best friend and he took care of me as much as I took care of him. I have very bad anxiety and finding Shaggy helped me start to heal myself. I miss him so much but I know he is in a better place waiting for me and I can’t wait to see him again.

Julie Weiss - Hebron, IN


Memorial Picture Shadow Bolenbaugh –(Clark), Ft. Wayne, Ind.- Australian cattle dog, Born 10-6-08 Morris Illinois; died in the loving arms of Teresa J. Bolenbaugh; Proud mom/owner on May 30 2018 at 10:10 am. He is survived by siblings; sister Sheba and brother Izzy. He loved to camp, watch and chase squirrels, ride in the car, play ball and tease Izzy. He gave his owner loyalty, love, joy, companionship, devotion and more. He gave me hope and a reason to go on living along with his siblings in April 2017 after several traumatic events occurred. Forever in my heart and with me always.

teresa bolenbaugh - Ft. Wayne, IN


Memorial Picture 12/19/18 - This morning my sweet Murray peacefully passed away in my arms. Murray was as a kind, gentle soul, whose previous life was horrific. For many months Murray lived the life of an unwanted stray. He never knew where or when he would get his next meal, was always seeking refuge and was vulnerable to the weather, busy streets and other animals. For a long time no one cared about Murray and he feared every day would be his last. By the time Murray was rescued his days on the streets had taken a toll - he was infested with fleas, ticks, worms and ear mites. Because he was unneutered and had been subjected to numerous tomcat fights he contracted FIV. Due to chronic eye infections left untreated, Murray developed Entropion - a condition that caused his lower eyelids to turn inward, with his fur constantly rubbing again his corneas. But Murray was not deterred and his trust in human kind never wavered. While his living conditions were poor, his personality was undaunted and Murray blossomed as he regained good health and became a beloved member of the family who never looked back. Murray was the personification of a rescue success story and both his feline siblings and I will miss him terribly. Rest in Peace, Murray. You will always remain forever in our hearts.

Michele Taylor - Springfield,


Memorial Picture My beloved dog child yoshi bear. 160lb rotty. The best dog and friend ever! My baby, My heart and soul. My whole world. And so quickly and tragically a drunk driver going way over the speed limit hit you in a Ditch off the road. I'll never understand why you felt the need to jump the 6 ft fence to chase a stray cat like the goofy playful baby you are. But I'll never understand why the man who took you from me had to hide your body to cover up what he did. Your my son, and my world. And so quickly crossed the rainbow bridge. My bed is empty without you, my home is empty without you, I'm never be the same again and i can't stop crying missing you with every fiber of my being. I would do anything to have you back with me because living without you is hell and a nightmare. You took my heart with you yoshi when you went to heaven way too soon. I love you more than any word could describe. I'm lost without you. And I'll never stop grieving.. Please look down from heaven and watch over me like you always have. The best protector, the best dog and the most amazing soul you have! RIP my baby. And may God give Me strength to live without you as i feel i just can't.


Waylon Merle Brice

Memorial Picture Waylon had a rough life. He had been through the local animal shelter twice before a special needs rescue took him in. When we adopted Waylon, he was almost deaf, blind in one eye and had no teeth. He had balance issues. He fell multiple times each day. How could someone so sweet have experienced a rough decade before being rescued. A wise woman at the veterinarian’s office reminded me: None of that matters. It’s how he ended his life that matters. Waylon was dearly loved for 477 days. He was the sweetest boy you could ever know. He loved to be carried like a baby and take naps snuggled up in a blanket on a family member’s chest. We loved to steal kisses from him. He was devastatingly handsome. He loved to look at pretty girls (especially at the veterinary office). He enjoyed trips to Starbucks, Farm and Fleet, and Taylorville. He loved to be carried on walks to the park and Farmer’s Market. Waylon leaves behind 709 adorable pictures, 3 doggie beds, 6 blankets, his mom and dad, big-little-sister, Lyla, Grandma Cheri, his Maw and Paw, two aunts and one uncle, and two doggie cousins. He was greeted at the rainbow bridge by his cousin, Lizzie, and great-grandmas and great-grandpa. Waylon was heaven sent. He was our boy. He filled our hearts when they were breaking. I felt Waylon’s spirit leave his earthly body. He left this world in a room full of people who loved him most of all. The hair on his head was drenched in tears. And that is what matters.

Sarah Brice - Decatur, IL


Memorial Picture I got my Miley when she was five years old. She quickly became my little fur-baby and my best friend. She didn't know how to play when I got her so my bond grew stronger as taught her things. She never left my side and would pour when I did have to leave her. My heart is broken. I love you Miley. See you soon.

Doreen Perkins - Rome City, IN


Memorial Picture I came upon my Miss Holly 10 yrs ago by accident. But knew she was for me. She was a cavshion. My very first furbaby ever . She was baby, my best friend, my companion when I needed her. She never judge, she was always, always there when I walked in the door. She made sure I was warm and comfy when I was home from shoulder surgery, snuggling up on me. Every one she meet she meet with her tail wagging and a little smile of her face. She was sweet, sweet dog that I can never replace. She was a little fighter until the end, vet said her organs were far gone, but her little heart was still going strong for me to tell her it was time to go. And as she did she feel asleep forever in my arms, warm and snuggling, just like how she treated me every night. MISS HOLLY YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN IN MY HEART. LOVE YOU ALWAYS.

Kimberley Haney - Omaha, NE

Hailey Hess

Memorial Picture Bean was the best cat I could ever ask for. I picked him out when he was born and I've loved him ever since. He had a run-in with urinary crystals when he was one. He turned 2 on May 3rd 2018. I lost him today. He had another run-in with crystals and was going to have surgery to shorten his urethra so that it wasn't as narrow. He was unstable so the doctor tried to wake him up to flush him out more and try later for the surgery. His heart and lungs came back but he never regained consciousness and I had to put him down. I'll forever miss my baby and no other cat will ever be able to fill the hole in my heart that he left today. I was blessed to love him for the 2 short years he was on this planet.

Hailey Hess - Elkhart, IN

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