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Memorial Picture Jemo was one in a million. I got Jemo when he was barely two weeks old. He was found abandoned under a bush. I bottle-fed him gave him and gave him a happy home. He became a cherished member of my family. He was one of kind...He was my baby and I am going to miss him so much. R.I.P Jemo.

Mary Ellen H. - Emmaus, PA


Memorial Picture On Jan 9th 2002, Apollo our Bichon Frise was bought for our son soon to be 9 on the 13th of January. For health reasons on Jan 10th 2014 I had to put Apollo asleep :'(. He was an puppy when we first picked him born on Halloween 2001 lots of energy very similiar to our son's energy a perfect match! But we soon learn that this tiny dog meant for our son would become my dog loving me unconditionally being at my side during many different surgeries. Apollo was a great Dog, loved my many had a sweet disposition loved to horse play, loved my son and even my tough serviceman husband had a soft spot for Apollo although he doesnt readily admit. Apollo will be missed a lot his daily presence his warmth body his funny positions following me everywhere!!! But I will walk again with you my friend Apollo but till then i will cherish all your good memories. You have touched my heart and it is cracked now but I know you are no longer suffering & I'm thankful that you are at peace.

Michele J. - Iarwill - IN


Memorial Picture I bought her for my Dad, who was in a coma. I layed this tiny dog on his chest and his arms immediately went up to her and held her in place. I took her everyday to visit him in the long term care facility. He responded to this little dog. One day a Dr was in while he was holding her, and the Dr, asked Dad what his dog's name was. Dad slurred the word Peanut. We all laughed because this name fit her well. Dad loved her, and she loved him. She became sick, with a heart based tumor, and we kept her comfortable, until her cough and fainting spells forced me to make one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make. Peanut and I went to McDonalds, and shared a hamburger, visited Dad and Mom at the cemetery, and went for a long ride. Her little head out the window smelling all the smells of this world. I held her in my arms and in seconds she was gone. A part of me went with her. A few days later a call from our vet came and, Peanuts ashes were there. Bob picked them up, and when I saw the beautiful bag, and box, I broke down again. There was a piece of her fur, and a beautiful card. What caring people to handle her with such dignity. The picture of Peanut is taken of her sitting in my Dad's chair, wrapped in an afgan that my Mom was making for me, and did not get done before she passed. You are missed Peanut, but not forgotten, thanks to Paws and Remember.

Shirley S - Marion, IN


Memorial Picture We adopted Rani (pronounced like "Ronnie", and is Sanskrit for "queen") from the Michiana Humane Society in October of 2000. She had health issues much of her life, but it did not keep her from enjoying her hikes in the Indiana Dunes daily, up until the end. She had a wonderful, gentle disposition. If one of our cats wanted to check out what she was eating, she would back up and let the cat go up to her dinner bowl! She helped sustain me when we lost one of our other rescued dogs in a horrible accident. I miss her so much. I want to thank Paws and Remember for their services yesterday (January 10, 2013) in Fort Wayne.

Jim S - Ft Wayne, IN


Memorial Picture

This pic was when he was only 13 years old. Sadly he had passed away November 14 2013 and is 16 years old now. I got him when he was six months old. My step mom couldn't handle him pooping in the house and when the neighbors didn't want to deal with him anymore she was going end up having to take him to the pound. I saved him that day 16 years ago. I still remember what my mom said to him when we went to pick him up. "I want you to know dog that I don't like you but I don't want you to go to the pound either." He gave her a look that said "Oh you may not like me right now but you will come to love me as much as my new owner, your daughter does now." He turned out to be right. My whole family and even my online friends who never met him fell in love with him. He had a few problems. Allergies to weeds, smoke, and dust was the biggest. And we took him to the vets a number of times for any injuries he had gotten. He never played with toys but he enjoyed life. He loved to sunbathe in the backyard. And even though he would get my mom mad by sleeping on her glider out back he really showed how much we loved him. And today he passed doing the one thing he loved. Sunbathing in the backyard. I miss you so much my Guinea. Oh and he was named Guinea because when he was born he looked like a guinea pig.

Alice V - Toledo, OH


Memorial Picture We got Milo in October of 2017 and we had to put him down due to having heart disease in July 2018, only 9 days before his first birthday. We didn’t have a long time with each other, but that does not change the love I have for him. He was the sweetest kitty. Always wanting to play, annoy his feline sister, and snuggle in bed with me when it was nap time. He always laid on his back which I thought was the cutest thing. My most cherished memory I’ll have of him is when he would jump on the top bunk and peek his head down the side of the bed when I was underneath playing piano. He would meow and purr as he listened to me. I am missing a piece of my heart now that he is gone. Our home feels empty without him. Rest in heaven Milo, I love you. ??

Emily Heffner - Toledo, OH


Memorial Picture If you’re lucky sometimes you find the one that touches your soul, that you have such a deep connection to, knows you as well as you know them. Zeus wasn’t the obvious choice. I remember when we went to meet the two remaining beagles of the litter and he was the rounder calmer of the two. I almost went with the crazy one but dan picked him. He was so stubborn that it took 6 months to potty train him. But he always made it up to you. He knew when you just needed to cuddle, were sick or sad, and was always in for a good nap. He was mischievous and was always looking for a way to get into trouble (for him trouble meant finding something he can eat). He looked at you like you were his world because that’s what you were to him. He was a patient foster brother for a handful of pups. He had the softest most velvet like ears. I know he loved me and I just hope he knew how very much I loved him. He was my soul dog. He was the one who loved me as unconditionally as I loved him. I told him he would make it to 24 but he just made it to his 11th birthday. I will always have a hole in my heart from him. He was my big guy, my monkey, my dude, my buddy. Yesterday we were told he had an arrhythmia and we set up an appointment to see a cardiologist next week but he didn’t make it that far. This morning i got up early to cuddle him because i was worried but he did not wake up. We rushed him to the vet but i knew we were already too late. He was gone. I cradled him the whole way there and told him what a good boy he is and how much i love him. I told him that i wasn’t ready for this but that admittedly i probably will never be. I told him i loved him most days of his life, holding him close while we snuggled up together. I don’t want to ever forget the velvet feel of his ears, the sound of his bay when we had visitors, the feel of his body heat while we cuddled and the way he would look at me each and every day we were together.

Eva Kelley - Seattle, WA

Melissa Helmecki

Memorial Picture I found Blue in a garbage pile in 1997 and I immediately knew he belonged in my life. He has been with me ever since. Blue was the most loving pet I've ever known. When our other cat Dutchess passed away, Blue didn't leave her side. When my dog Samson passed again, Blue seemed to know....and kept a constant vigil until Sam passed over. He always seemed to know when someone was in distress, and was always there to help them. So when it was him who was in distress....I knew I had to step up. It was my turn to keep a vigil on him this time. It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do, but he was tired. So I kept my promise. I had many Years with Blue but now even 2 decades wasnt nearly enough. I love you my will always be in my heart.

Melissa Helmecki - Glen lyon, PA

Care Bear

Memorial Picture I found you at the pet rescue. You just laid there, no concern for the other dogs barking and jumping up and down. You laid still, your big brown eyes fixed on me as I walked past. I came back twice, you still lay quiet. I asked to see you and they led you and me to a side play yard where I assumed you'd come to life. You didn't, you walked up to me and nuzzled your head in my lap. So long, so full of quiet love wanting acceptance. That was the start of our long journey together. You became my "nanna" dog - something like the St Bernard in peter pan except you were a black flat coated retriever. If I cried, you'd nuzzle your head close in complete understanding. Then slowly you bloomed and then your personality came out in blazing glory. I remember how you would try to get my horse to play and one time you just ran up and grabbed ahold of her tail and the race was on and how you'd cross your front legs when you were laying at the door waiting to see my grandson walking home from the bus stop. I never knew a dog could get so many treats their mouths like you. And how you entertained us when Josh fell back in the 4 inches of snow to make a snow angle, but you had other plans, and you pounced on him throwing snow in his face. When you had a on again off again cough and we went to the vet, they drew blood, but I had forgotten about the test, because you only seemed to have a slight cough. How could I have missed it. Cancer. I spent a days looking for answer's. Yet, even as you struggled, you never missed a beat peeking your head around the bathroom door and having to be right beside me at bedtime even when you could no longer jump on the bed, the floor suited you fine, you were next to me. On that faithful day, you laid your head onto my lap, you didn't want to go, you fought so hard for so long and your body was so tired. So like the first day of our journey so the last day ended the same. You and I alone in the quietness as you struggled now to lay down, you surrendered to the pain medication and I fought so hard with the tears. You head heavy on my lap while I told you that I loved you my nanna dog. Sleep and rest now my baby girl. 2006-2018

Shirley Stevens - Springfield, OH


Memorial Picture We love & miss you so much! You will always be with us...

The Blamers - Oscoda,

Carol Wilcox

Memorial Picture My baby is at Paws & Remember at this moment. She died Monday at Miami County Vet, Peru, IN. I got Stella a year ago from Texas. She was rescued from a kill shelter and fostered until she came to me. She was such an adorable girl. She was deaf so she never got to hear my voice. She was very old. She had cataracts but could still see. From all appearances, she had a stroke. I might have been able to have tests, etc. but it was so very obvious to me that she was ready to go. My heart is broken. I only had her for one year but she made a spot in my home and in my heart. Just looking at her picture just breaks my heart. Only time and faith in my Jesus will heal this wound.

Carol Wilcox - Peru, IN

Bella B

Memorial Picture 16 years. I had 16 years with my best friend. She saw the birth of 2 children, a marriage, a divorce and a move. She comforted me through every hard time. She rejoiced with me in every good time. I was selfish to think I could keep her forever. I was blessed with many bonus years from her but dammit it hurts without her. There isn’t a moment that’s passed that I haven’t looked for her, called her, or expected her to meet me at the door. I miss her knocking the trash over, I miss her waking me up at 3am to go outside, I miss the wet trail of water from the bathroom to the dining room. I miss her snuggles and I miss her comfort. Paws and Rememeber did an amazing job in caring for her and making sure she came home shortly after passing. The box is amazing and I have no doubt that she was treated with respect while in their company. Thank you.

Amanda Shuherk - Bryan , OH

Lucy “Goose”

Memorial Picture Lucy “Goose” French of Eaton, Ohio died in her sleep June 4, 2018 marking the end of a long and full life. While her birthday was not known, she was believed to be 14 years old. She was adopted by her Dad when she was 2 years old. She was known for being loyal and sweet and made friends with virtually everyone she met. A girl with a healthy appetite, her favorite foods were green beans and any kind of meat. She was always willing to eat anything you didn’t want and sometimes, things you did want. While she would sometimes drink from her water bowl, she greatly preferred toilet water. In her free time she loved chasing squirrels and cats, barking at nothing and crowding her parents in bed or on the couch. She never fully grasped the rules of personal space. She leaves behind her parents, Daniel & Brandi French; sister Billie French; grandparents Sharon & Bob Benzing, Dale French, Jan & Dan Graham and Mark & Michelle Kingery; and numerous other family, friends and neighbors who will miss her greatly. She was cremated and her remains will be spread on the family farm.

Daniel French - Eaton , OH

Grissom “baby G “

Memorial Picture I bought Grissom offline .. he was flown to Detroit airport where I picked him up on Christmas Eve ... a surprise for my kids and boyfriend... his online name was Mr. Cupid ... later I found out he came from a puppy mill... he was a French bulldog.... I looked at it as I saved his life.. but really he saved mine... this dog never chewed on shoes,garbage .. never ran away... I never had to use a leash... I took him everywhere with me ... he was always in the car or sleeping beside me...a year ago we found out he had mass cell tumor ... he had two surgery’s to remove the spot... then it returned .. he had 3 more spots removed...4 months ago I found out he had congestive heart failure and lymphoma cancer... he was on two heart pills and 1 laycick pill twice a day ... two weeks ago it stopped working.. he quit eating... I tried everything to get him to eat... finally I decided I can’t be selfish... he was ready to go... hardest thing I ever had to do was make that decision .... I stayed with him till the end... and I miss him so much ... I picked up his ashes today... and it’s still hard I love you baby g... hope your happy in heaven ??

Heather Socie - Walbridge, OH

Princess Jasmine Marie

Memorial Picture I wanted to send your team a "THANK YOU" for the beautful urn and picture frame you made for our Jazzy Girl. She was our family's first furbaby and her loss is devastating to us. Your compassion to our Girl is comforting to us. Thank you for your caring and respectful nature for our family member.

Kima Walters - Moweaqua, IL


Memorial Picture I received my Blondie's ashes today from Bon Air Animal Hospital. I am deeply moved and grateful for her lovely box and the dignity you gave her. I can set her by the window with flowers that she loved and the sun can shine on her forever. Its been a little over 13 years, but i have plenty of good memories. Thank you and God for giving her the opportunity to see snow for the first time. Jesse Santillian and David McKeel

Jesse Santillian - Richmond , VA


Memorial Picture Just over a week ago now I had to put my baby girl down due to a long fight with medical issues. She was 9yrs7m and the sweetest dog anyone could ever ask for. Not once did she over bite out of fear or anger and she loved her feline sisters. I'm amazed at how safe she used to make me feel, especially when I was living on my own. She'll forever be in my heart...

Natasha Stone - URBANA,

Tina Hinton

Memorial Picture This is my Beautiful best friend 'Leroy Hinton' 4/10/2018 his life ended,and my heart broke. We were Blessed for 14yrs of his love. He was a house cat,but loved the outdoors,listening to birds,always by my side working in the yard. He would wait outside by gate for me when I left,walk me back in when I came home.We have 10 grkids and he'd snuggle them All. He would put his arms on my neck and his head under my chin,and snuggle and pet me....2yrs ago he had a big open sore on his boob,wouldn't heal.I had it removed,Dr.told me Cancer and it would be back...this summer it did,and he slowly lost weight.Especially since January,knew it was coming but I was in denial up till the day he wouldn't eat or drink. And I seen he crouched in pain. I knew passing naturaly was not gona happen....Dr.was called and we were with him to final sleep. The Plattsmouth Animal Hospital were very compassionate and made a wonderful Living Tribute in his name. And I waited for his ashs to come home...Paws and Remember 2660 Ed Babe Gomez Omaha,Nebraska His Ashs and memorials you gave me are so treasured,my heart melted to see little bag with his hair...and flower to plant.The box with his name...Thank you,Thank You,Thank you....Family of Leroy Hinton

Tina Hinton - Omaha, NE


Memorial Picture Nikol was very very special to us. We have gotten her in 2006. She loved riding on the tractor, and taking car rides. She was such a very good girl. We miss her very very much!!

Jennifer Jones - Fort wayne ,


Memorial Picture Jack passed away

Jeffrey Sladek - Elkhorn ,


Memorial Picture Peanut was more then a pet she was my go to she was nana to my grandchildren and boss of the other dogs she loved all of our vacations and every holiday she is missed everyday and will live in my heart forever love you peanut

Colleen Leffingwell - Omaha, NE


Memorial Picture Lily, I graduated back in 09 and what better way to use my money than a friend for life. She was the sweetest 11week old puppy I fell in love, she was well behaved since the day I brought her home we we're honestly inseparable. She had such a big heart for a tea cup Chihuahua and loved everyone when she got to know them. Lily just passed away 3-18-18, she got hit by a car and went peacefully in my arms. I am heartbroken but couldn't have asked for a better puppy she was amazing. Lily got to grow with my daughter, I wish she could still be here with us and because of paws and remember I will get to keep a piece of her forever.

Candace Seritsky - Hazleton, PA


Memorial Picture Scepter came to live with me at 5 months old he didn't stay little very long, he was a Manx .. No tail.. just a bob about half the size of a thumb. He was 14 1/2 lbs. Golden eyes and loved to sit in my lap mostly at night when I watched TV. He was always a great kitty and loved sleeping on my bed and when I would go to bed he would just stay at the end and sleep there. He was a Orange Tabby very pretty and soft fur. He will surely be missed. I really hope there's a rainbow bridge and some day I will see him again.

Diana Wax - Clyde, OH


Memorial Picture My sweet boy was awesome. He got me through so many troubles in my life so many losses and I will miss him so much I can't even put it into words. He was so loved by so many people and they all lost him too. At 13yrs seems so young to lose him and I'm devastated but he had a great life and was super loved. He's no longer in pain and has my heart forever. RIP MY LOVING CEASAR BABY!!!

Natalie Ryan - Omaha, NE

darla zinn

Memorial Picture We adopted Punkin at the age of ten from our local shelter where we volunteered. She came in when her owner died, with two other dogs. They had cancer and passed on. Punkin was scruffy and had warts all over. Who was going to adopt her? US! She was a stubborn border terrior who loved to lay in the front yard and survey her neighborhood. She had a dog sister and four cats siblings. We miss you Punkin!

darla zinn - decatur, IL


Memorial Picture RIP Finn 5/15/08 - 2/19/18 I’ve cherished every moment we were together and will miss you every moment we’re apart. I’ll love you always, Finnie Binnie.

Michele Taylor - Springfield,

Lydia Springer

Memorial Picture My mom and i got Buster when he was 8 weeks old. He chose us. We were so excited when we brought him home. I immediately started training him. When he was around 11 months old we noticed one ear would be on top of his head lol. When Buster was 7 years old we noticed a small lump by his private area. We didn't have the money to take him to the vet so sadly we let it go. The lump got so bad we took him to the vet hospital where we got bad news. Buster passed away September 8, 2015. In Loving Memory Buster Birth: 9-23-07 Death: 9-8-15 Mommy and Lydia love and miss you baby boy ???

Lydia Springer - Hicksville, OH


Memorial Picture My beautiful baby girl we found her abandoned at 4 weeks old she was so full of energy, so full of love and cuddles. Princess definitely took a piece of my heart with her love and miss you so much it hurts so bad RIP BABY GIRL MOMMY LOVES YOU

Michelle Mcallister - Cleveland , OH


Memorial Picture He was the sweetest cat known to man. He actually reminded us more of a dog than a cat. He loved water, loved to play with his big brother (dog) and big sister (human). He really loved to cuddle and helped me workout by sitting on my shoulder. He was part parrot part scarf. His favorite place to sit was around your neck. He only was alive for 6 months unfortunately but he changed our lives for the better. We miss him so much.

Anna Zblewski - Kalamazoo, MI

Kimmy Laposky

Memorial Picture Phog (November 26, 2003 - January 31, 2018) How did I get so lucky in this life to be graced by your presence for 6 years, 6 months and 9 days? It is hard to put into words the impact Phog had on me and everyone around him. He made me a better version of myself and also opened my world to rescue. Phog had it made and was one of the luckiest dogs I have ever known. Before he was the love of my life he was so very loved by his original owner Ashley. She told me a story of how she picked him out because he had peed on her best friend. When she found out she was going to have her first child she tried to do everything she could to keep Phog but it didn't work out. His foster mom told me Ashley cried every time she would talk about Phog when she called. Barb (his foster mama) told me she has him for 3 months and he was the longest foster she ever had. When I first saw Phog I knew he had to be mine. His unique fawn coloring and personality description drew us to him. A lovely couple named Leatha and Jerry transported him from Colorado to Omaha. Phog was there with me through so many major moments in my late 20s – the passing of my father a few years ago to my mom suffering a stroke leaving her unable to swallow/eat and having to now live in a nursing home. He loved his blankets, bacon, puppacinos from Starbucks and his favorite log toy – he disliked other animals, kids and the snow. I have made so many wonderful friends who have become forever friends because of him. He is a legend and he will live forever through the memories, photos, videos and stories. I love you Phoggy, you are my soulmate.

Kimmy Laposky - Omaha, NE

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